The registration fee for the participation at the conference:

–          USD 100      for international participants

–          KZT 15000  for local participants

–          KZT 6000    for graduate students

–          KZT 5000    for non-presenting coauthors and visitors

–          FREE            for undergraduate students and visitors

An extra fee for the third day:
–          USD 20 or KZT 10000

The payment can be done via bank transfer or by cash on-site.

In case of the payment is via Institution, please do not forget to send your inquiries for an invoice to

In other cases, you can pay using the bank details below sending the receipt to If you are student, please attach you student ID (or alternative) to a receipt.

For payment in KZT For payment in USD
ТОО «Институт аккумуляторов»


Юридический адрес: г. Нур-Султан,

ул. Мустафина Г, д.7/2, кв. 38

Тел.: +7(7172) 709061

БИН: 131240002130

ИИК: KZ546017111000003087

АО «Народный Банк Казахстана»


КБе: 17

“Institute of Batteries” LLP


010000, Republic of Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan,

Mustafin street 7/2, apt.38

Phone: +7(7172)70-90-61

BIN: 131240002130

IBAN: KZ576017111000015352

Bank: “Halyk Bank Kazakhstan”


Payment destination code: 859