Symposium Venue is Mugla University Convention Center, 20 minutes dive away from Akyaka.

Symposium will take place in the Convention Center Muğla University , 20 minutes drive away from Akyaka. We will provide transportation to and fro Akyaka.

Akyaka is  situated at the tip of   Gulf of Gokova in Agean Cost  in close proximity ( one hour drive) to two international airports;  Dalaman and Milas. The place  is of a considerable   tourist attraction and quite crowded in  July and August. It is therefore important to reserve your lodging as early as possible.   

Please link to where-to-stay to find out more about lodging both in Mugla and Akyaka. There would also be in-campus accommodation options. The web page where-to-stay will be updated as the options become available.