The INESS conference stands at the forefront of international collaboration, fostering innovation and scientific excellence. As pivotal international research gathering in Kazakhstan and Central Asia, it unites the scientific community’s efforts in both fundamental and applied science. The conference participants’ geography expands every year. INESS brings together leading scientists and researchers from all over the world to share current state of the art, exchange insights and opinions, share discoveries and breakthroughs, and discuss the future development and trends of advanced materials science, energy sources, ecology and other focus areas of INESS.

At INESS, we create an environment ripe for the exchange of knowledge and ideas. INESS gives chance to young researchers invaluable opportunities to engage with the world-renowned scientists, gaining insights and inspiration that fuel both learning and professional advancement. Our commitment to research and interdisciplinary collaboration positions INESS as an international cornerstone of innovation.

We are dedicated to providing young researchers with unparalleled access to leading international figures in the scientific community. This engagement fosters a dynamic learning environment where the next generation of scientists can thrive. Join us at the INESS conference to contribute to and witness the future of scientific innovation.