We provide the participants publication chances for their presented works in Materials Research Bulletin with a CiteScore of 9.8 (ISSN: 0025-5408, Indexed in SCOPUS).

Abstract in full-paper submission should not be more  than 400 words. Leave a blank line after the affiliation . Abstarct as heading should be in 11 pt. times new roman and  centered  as in this example. Font for abstract is 9 pt. Times New Roman in a fixed line spacing of 11pt.  Abstarct should be  left and right justified and should be 15 cm in-width as in the current example, i.e. 2 cm narrower than the two-column page.

The Authors should use the template provided below.

You can downlod template here

The submitted manuscripts will be peer-reviewed by the technical committee of INESS and the foreign reviewers assigned by the Journal Editor. In order to use this opportunity, please kindly submit your manuscripts as early as possible.

The Closing date for closing of short papers will be May 15, 2023. Late submissions and those not consistent with the template will be rejected without reviewing.

Looking forward to seeing you at INESS-2023!