Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Nazarbayev University, we are pleased to cordially invite you to deliver a talk at the 11th International Conference on Nanomaterials and Advanced Energy Storage Systems (INESS-2023) organized by Nazarbayev University (NU), Institute of Batteries (IoB), and National Laboratory Astana (NLA).

This year our conference will be joint with mESC-IS 2023 and scheduled on

July 17-21, 2023 in Mugla University, Akyaka, Turkey.

Your expertise and experience will be an excellent addition to our program, as many of our visitors will look forward to hearing and learning from your work at INESS-2023.

How-to-reach Mugla University

The INESS-2023 will cover the following and related areas:

  • Advanced nanomaterials
  • Advanced energy conversion and storage systems
  • Battery monitoring and management systems
  • Battery safety and recycling
  • Development of electric vehicles and stationary energy storage
  • Modelling tools in materials science and energy conversion systems
  • Energy and environment
  • Smart energy systems
  • Fuel cells
  • Materials for electrochemical sensors and electroanalytical applications
  • Materials and technology for alternative advanced energy applications
  • Solar energy materials and solar cells
  • Semiconductors and optoelectronics
  • Catalysis

The researchers from different countries will participate and share their vision on progress and problems in materials science, nanotechnologies, ecology, renewable energy and energy storage systems.

We would be honored if you would accept this invitation to join us for this joint event.

We look forward to your confirmed presence at the INESS-2023.

For further details, please refer to our website at INESS-2023

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Please let us know at your convenience if you will be able to join us, and please do not hesitate to contact us via this email address if you have any questions about the event.